Thursday, 27 September 2007

Function on the news

Here is the link to us on the news in Metz, France. Pretty bloody funny. It's us doing a sound check. We saw people filming but we thought they were just some dudes setting up for filming the show that evening and not a news station that were broadcasting that evening. That's why we all look slightly bored, tired and pastey :)

You see us at the start and then you have to wait until about a minute and 40seconds for the feature. It's all in French so let's all just assume they are saying nice things about us.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Barcelos, Portugal

We drove all day from Azkoitia and finally arrived in Barcelos a smallish town in Portugal. We played in this incredible open aired courtyard in a museum. We played around 11pm , outside under the stars with a huge projection screen for our visuals. We did have to compete with a huge and important soccer match between Portugal and Serbia so we were thrilled to actually have a crowd.

Paris, Den Haag, Azkoitia

I don't have any photos of Paris right now. Unfortunately we didn't really get to see the city so much as we arrived at 5, had to sound check etc and then we had to leave early the next day to get to Den Haag. But we did have a fun night and we got to meet our wonderful promoters Remi and Jerome. Felicity and I stayed with Remi and his beautiful girlfriend Julie and we wished we could have spent more time with them as they were just so sweet.

We then drove to Den Haag and played a festival there. Being back in Holland was awesome. I had forgotten just how freaky that place can get and there were many a weirdo in the crowd which made it fun. We stayed with our awesome promoter Gemma and actually had a day off there which was much needed especially since next we had to make a 2 day drive to Portugal.

Ian had stayed in the Basque country in Spain and knew a place we could stay there. So we drove all day from Den Haag and stayed in Azkoitia. We drove in and it was pitch black so in the morning we were blown away to look out the window and see where we actually were.

Patrick rocking is mohawk that I gave him the night before


Thursday, 20 September 2007

Metz, France

Had a great show in Metz with some interesting local electronic artists. We were even featured on a French news program. I'll post the link to it when I have it.


Friday, 7 September 2007

Germany/ France/ Switzerland/ Italy

We have moved through about 4 countries in as many days. For a quick run down ........

Some of the gang went to Doucmenta in Kassel the day after the show. We then drove from there to Strasbourg, France and played at a Gallery on Monday night. Then the next day we drove though Switzerland, down to Milan. I wish we could have seen more of Switzerland as just driving through it was spectacular. In Milan we played a venue called Funhouse. It was run by some lovely people, Gigi and Joe who were very good to us and the crowd were really enthusiastic and fun. We didn't get to see to much of Milan though unfortunately, as we had to drive down to Trieste the next morning. Trieste is really beautiful, on the sea, and again we meet some really lovely people at the venue, Tetris. We stayed at a hostel on the water which was very pleasant and since we had the day off we decided to check out Venice.

Venice is basically unbelievable and it was pretty much like a dream being there as we only had about 6 hours to check it out. We were complete tourists (as you will see in the pictures) but it was just so breathtaking we couldn't help ourselves. We left Venice about 8pm and had to drive all the way back up to Strasbourg. We got in at 5 am, had 4 hours sleep and left for Metz where I am sitting right now. We are playing with about 5 various local electronic/ dj acts tonight which is fun as a lot of our shows we have been the only band. It sounds like it will be pretty interesting.

Pat just did the maths and we have traveled 8536 kms. A total of 94 hours driving. This does not include the ferry ride to Gdansk. Yikes!

Floss at Documenta




Monday, 3 September 2007

Kassel, Germany

We finally arrived back in Berlin after Poland and drove to Leipzig for our first show in a few days. We played at Café Panam and it was a cool venue. The venue booker Patrick was lovely and our promoter Sandra was a real sweetheart. We then drove to Kassal for our show that night. We generally leave our fate in the hands of our GPS spirit lady and she has always gotten us where we needed to go. But we had our doubts this time as civilization seemed to get further and further away until we were driving down a road with paddocks and farms on either side. We called the venue and they assured us we were going the right way. So we kept on and we arrived at our venue called Krachgarten. It is this incredible mountain top community which has a super cool venue as well as a center for kids to do workshops and hang out etc. The kids had created the interior design for one of their hang out spaces which was really cool. The place was run by some lovely people, Malte, David, and Melinda and they made us some incredible food and we were really happy to be there.

I am now sitting in a cafe in Strasborg, France and believe it or not, people are talking French.

We started to doubt ourselves around here

and here

until we finally arrived here

Path to the venue


The view

Pat rocking after the show


So going back to Poland to get the van handled was a bit of a pain in the arse but luckily we stayed with our man bustom at his lovely summer cottage and met some lovely, lovely guys and a gal from a local band called George Dorn Screams. We are eternally grateful particularly toWojciech for doing our laundry!